Maize & Blue Carpet and Furniture Cleaning - Area Rug Cleaning, Loose Rugs in  Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline


Area Rug Cleaning, Loose Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning, loose rugs Maize & Blue Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Ann Arbor MI

Maize & Blue Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Ann Arbor MI

In our Rug Care Facility, your rugs are treated to a luxurious cleansing that gently removes the imbedded soils, brings the colors back to life and restores the original texture. 

Area Rug Cleaning Ann Arbor

Area Rug Cleaning
Your rug is individually hand-washed. Heavily soiled areas are treated one spot at a time. A specially formulated enzyme is used to treat any pet-soiled areas to remove pet odors and stains

Complete Rinsing
Your rug is thoroughly rinsed using state of the art extraction equipment specifically designed to rinse all detergents, residue, and soils from loose rugs.

Grooming and Drying
Immediately following water-extraction your rug is gently groomed; optional stain protectants are then applied and your rug is hung or laid in our rug drying room. Drying is individually timed to your rug’s size and construction.

Your freshly cleaned rug not only feels cleaner, its colors will appear brighter and smell fresher. The cleaning not only restores beauty to your rug, but it also extends the life of your investment.

Before your rug is cleaned, it undergoes a three stage pre-cleaning:

Examination -

Your rug is thoroughly examined and all conditions are carefully noted. 

Loose Dirt Removal - Our state of the art equipment uses micro-agitation to gently remove all loose dirt and debris.

Colorfast test for dye stability

No strict chemical or dye creation standards exist throughout the rug making regions of the world. Therefore we test your rug for colorfastness and contact you with any concerns. We also adjust our washing process to prevent any color transfer.

​Area Rug Cleaning Ann Arbor

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